Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Friend Share

This card was sent to my by my friend Cathy. What a fun card!

It's too bad that Stampin' Up! doesn't have any stamps for this celebration. In their stamp set, Over the Rainbow, there is a stamp that says "Good Luck", but that is about the extent of the stamps that are useful for this celebration.

I like the sentiment on this card. I don't know what company it is from. It looks a bit like the font that Art Impression uses on many of their stamps.

Stampin' Up! has carried some stamps that are geared toward March 17th in the past, but I don't think that there are as many people who create cards for this day as for other days, like Valentine's Day or Christmas so I think they probably decided it wasn't worth the time and money to carry stamps suitable for these cards.

I'm glad that Cathy shared this one with me. I think it is cute.

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