Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial # 44 Timeless Love Anniversary Card

A day late, but in the ballpark! 

Do you have one of those lives? Not enough hours to do everything you need to do let alone do the things you want to do?

Sometimes things crowd out my blogging. Some things in life just can't be put off. So, here it is, late again but I think it is worth the wait. This card is my take on a card that is in the annual catalog. Can you find the original? 

Timeless Love, Anniversary card, Stampin' Up!, Stamp with Trude, floral, watercolor technique, Tuesday Tutorial

This is the Timeless Love stamp set. It is in the 2016 annual catalog and is also in the new 2017 catalog.

You can get the tutorial now by using this link. Or, I will send you the Tuesday Tutorial by email if you will send me your email address requesting to be added to my Tuesday Tutorial list (please send it to me privately to the email listed in my contacts and put in the subject line "add me to TT list"). This list will ONLY be used to send out the Tuesday Tutorial each week, it will not be used for marketing in any manner whatsoever. Have a blessed day, Trude 

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