Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday 201- Beyond the Basics

Well, today isn't technically about stamps and stamping, but it is about using punches in ways that will enhance your stamped cards.

First I used a 1" circle punch, a 3/4" circle punch and a 1/8" hole punch to create this...

A ladybug. Isn't it cute? Here's how it's done...

First I punched 1 black 3/4" circle, 2 black 1" circles and 1 red 1" circle.

I used a pencil to space 6 dots around the edge of the circle, then they didn't show up well in the photo so I used a pen ☺.

Then I punched the marked spots with the 1/8" hole punch and glued the red circle on top of the black circle. Now Cut it down the middle so there are 3 dots on each half. Layer it over the other black circle and glue the 3/4" circle under the layers with just a small portion sticking out. Doesn't it make a cute bug?

Okay, next I took some tissue paper and folded it in half. Then I folded it in half again and once more so that there are now 8 layers. Yes, I even used a piece that was formerly used in a gift!

Then I punched out one stack with a 1 3/4" scallop punch and one more stack with a 1 1/4" scallop punch.

Next I used the 1/8" hole punch to punch a hole through all the layers of both sizes stacked together.

Now choose a brad, any brad because you won't see it when we are done, and put it through the hole and spread the prongs open on the back side.

Begin scrunching the layers one at a time around the brad.

This is how it looks when you're done. Isn't it cute? You can use these on all kinds of 3D projects, such as boxes and gift bags.

Here's another idea. I used the same scallop punches and wrapped thread around them. These are called Spirelli and they are easy and fun to make. I taped the string to the back, wrapped it over the front to another indent several spaces away. The more spaces in between the first wrap, the closer the spiral will be to the center when you have completed the wraps. Then wrap the thread around to the back and through the next space to the right of where you started. Wrap it over the top and to the next space to the right of the space you wrapped it to the back the first time. Then continue the sequence.

I think I am going to make a scrapbook page with some of these elements, so check out my blog next Sunday to see what I came up with. Click here to see the page I created.

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