Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday 101 - Rubber Stamping- The Basics

One of the first things people usually want to know about paper crafting and card making is, What tools do I need to start?

Really there aren't many tools that you need to have when you first begin, but there are many tools that you will probably want to get sooner or later.

Here are my basic go-to tools:

Scissors- I like small ones with a Teflon coating but they aren't easy to find. Here's a nice pair that Stampin' Up! sells. (The label on each photo is a link to the item in my Stampin' Store)

Paper Snips
Bone Folder- For creating perfect creases on your cards. 

Bone Folder

A Glue Stick- I like the one that Stampin' Up! sells because it has square corners and gets in the corners easily.
Glue stick

2-Way Glue Pen- For attaching strips and small pieces of paper and glitter.
2-Way Glue Pen

Snail Tape- adhesive transfer tape that sticks layers of paper together oh so nicely!
Snail Tape

Double sided tape- love it for heavy duty sticking and also great for glitter application.

Tear and Tape
 I also keep a pencil, eraser and small 6 inch ruler close by. In addition to those items I also keep a pencil box handy to organize them and make them easily transportable. And that is pretty much the basics! All items are available at my Stampin' Up! store.

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