Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday 101- Rubber Stamping- The Basics

Today I'm going to talk about cleaning your stamps.

When you stamp with a stamp, the best time to clean it is right away. Stamps that are cleaned and stored properly will last many years.

One of the easiest ways to clean stamps is to use a cleaning pad that sits right on your work station. Stampin' Up has an extra large one that accomodates almost every size of stamp. It has a fuzzy surface that gently cleans the ink off the stamp.

Stampin' Scrub
One side is for cleaning and one side is for drying. Use with Stampin' Mist cleaner.

I do not use the same Stampin' Scrub to remove solvent inks (Stazon) and dye inks (Classic Stampin' Inks). I use one for each. They each have a different cleaning solution.

Here are some suggestions for cleaning your stamps if you do not have a scrub pad like the one pictured.

Most inks will be removed easily in water. Just hold them under running water then dry with a paper towel. Allow to completely dry before storing. 

Another way that doesn't soak the wood handled stamps is to fold paper towels into a pad and place on a plate. Wet with water and stamp the stamp into the dampened paper towels until ink is removed.

Another method is to use baby wipes. It works quite well to get a tub just for cleaning your stamps. Open the lid, stamp the stamp on the top wipe until the stamp is clean. Use only baby wipes without alcohol and ones that are lint free. Alcohol may dry out the stamps and lint will leave fuzz on your stamps.

For Craft and Pigment inks you may have to use a soft toothbrush with some liquid soap. Joy dish soap is pretty good. Dawn may be too harsh on rubber stamps. 

To properly clean solvent inks you need a special cleaner. Stampin' Up! sells Stazon cleaner as well as dye ink cleaners. If the stamp is still stained by the solvent ink after cleaning, don't stress about it. The solvent inks are permanent and will not transfer color the next time they are used.

I hope that you learned something today!
Have a blessed day,

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