Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday 101- Rubber Stamping- The Basics

Part 2- Adhesives

I want to emphasize that this is not an exhaustive list of adhesives. There are many out there and new ones on the market every day. But this list is the basics plus a few extra.

Last week we talked about liquid adhesives and this week I am concentrating on adhesives that are not in a liquid form.

Adhesive Transfer Tape:

This type of tape is usually on a paper liner on a roll. Stampin' Up! calls theirs Snail Tape and Fast Fuse (very strong holding product). Tape on a roll is also known as Tombow, Tape Runner, roll tape. There are many names for it and many brands out there. Try several to see which one works best for your usage.

snail Tape 
Fast Fuse

Glue Dots-

These are round dots of glue that are on a liner like the roll tape. They can actually be on a roll, in a roll applicator or on clear sheets. The dots can be flat or raised for 3D effects and come in various sizes. Stampin' Up!s come on a roll and are the mini dot size which is very versatile. They are also flat. Glue dots provide a very strong adhesion. They work very well for adhering ribbon, bows, buttons and other embellishments.

Glue Dots

Foam Mounting Tape-

These are used to add dimension to projects by adding some additional height to layers and embellishments. Sometimes they are also known as Pop-Dots and Stampin' Up! brand it called Dimensionals. They come in various thicknesses and shapes. Stampin' Up!s is hexagonal and is not as thick as some which can be an advantage when shipping items in the mail. On other projects you can use them 2 high to get more dimension.


Double Sided Liner Tape-

This type of tape comes on a roll, but instead of having a liner on one side it has a liner on both sides. The advantage of this is that you can measure and cut a line of adhesive, remove the liner on one side and place the adhesive exactly where you want it before you remove the other liner and attach items to it or attach it to other items. Some names you may know it by are Sticky Strip, Red Line Tape, or Stampin' Up!s new product Tear and Tape. This tape works great for use with foiling effects, adhering tiny beads and glitter besides holding 3D projects together and adhering layers of paper. It has strong adhesion.

Tear and Tape
Other useful adhesives in this category are:
Repositionable tape which usually comes in a tape runner and is useful for projects where you need to temporarily line up several items before adhering them permanently. The tape is repositionable but becomes permanent after 24 hours, however I always adhere it with a stronger permanent adhesive after I am satisfied with my arrangement.
Dot runner tape is useful when you are adhering items that have open spaces because the dots will only adhere to the places that it comes in contact. I like to use it to adhere Stampin' Up! Tea Lace Doilies to my projects.
Vellum Tape is a product that is suppose to adhere vellum to other surfaces without showing. I have had mixed results with this product. I prefer to use brads or glue dots that are concealed on the outside with bows or buttons or ribbons.

If you have favorite adhesives or added comments I invite you to join the conversation by commenting on this blog post!

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