Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday 101 - Rubber Stamping- The Basics


One of the items that I keep multiples of in my toolbox is adhesive. There isn't really such a thing as one that works for everything. Each has its own strength, so lets talk a little bit about them.

Liquid Glues

We know what liquid glues are, we've been using them since we were children in grade school (ie; Elmer's). Now that we are crafting we need to learn about some liquid glues that are acid free so that our projects can be put into scrapbooks or the scrapbooks themselves will last.

Multipurpose Liquid Glue

Multipurpose Liquid Glue by Tombow creates a strong bond, comes in a bottle with a fine tip for precision application is acid free and works great for gluing paper layers or attaching glitter. I like this glue because a bottle lasts a long time. Plus I can do creative things with it like tracing lines and squiggles on my projects and adding glitter. Love that little bit of extra sparkle on things.
MultiPurpose Liquid Glue

2-Way Glue Pen

This glue comes in a pen with a bullet shaped tip. To use the glue you 'draw' on your project. It is called 2-way because it can be used as a glue that permanently bonds paper layers together by placing the layers together as soon as the glue is applied or it can be used as a temporary adhesive by allowing the glue to dry before you stick the layers together. This glue is acid free so it is great to use on projects that you want to archive or scrapbook. I like this glue because it is easy to use for small pieces of paper and embellishments. It goes on the places where you touch the pen, and it doesn't leave a tall dot that spreads when you stick it together. It is a good glue to use for embellishing your projects with glitter because you can trace the outline or fill in the area with a lot of control as to where you want it to go. This is also an excellent glue to use for foil effects. You apply it, let it dry, and then apply the foiling sheets to tacky dried glue.
2-Way Glue

Crystal Effects

I don't used this as an adhesive so much but it can be used to attach buttons and beads and other embellishments. It is slow to usually takes at least an hour and more if it is real thick. I like to use it for 3-D effects. I use it to make my own custom candy dots because unlike other glues that dry clear, Crystal Effects does not flatten out when it dries. I did use it to attach the embellishments to this welcome banner. Crystal Effects is also acid free.
Crystal Effects
Those are all the liquid glues that Stampin' Up! sells. Besides these liquid glues I also use Scotch Quick Drying Tacky Glue. It glues and holds paper very fast, doesn't wet the paper, has a fine applicator tip, is photo safe and acid free.

Glue Stick

Glue sticks are economical and good for gluing larger areas in less time.Stampin' Up!s glue stick has a diamond shape so that it fits into the corners easily. These glue sticks are also acid free.
Stampin' Glue Stick

Next time I will talk about other adhesives such as Adhesive Transfer Tape, Glue Dots, etc.

These adhesives are available at my Stampin' Up! store, click on a caption and it will take you there.

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