Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Journal It! # 123

Journal It! 123

Today your journal prompt is:

Did you meet any of your great grandparents? What do you know or remember about them?

Write the prompt in your journal and Journal It!


My mother's mother had an old wringer washer that she used when I was growing up. My Father's mother had an "automatic" washer. When I was about  three and a half or four years old, my Father's grandfather (my great grandfather) told me that he didn't have a fore-arm because he had lost it in a washing machine. I didn't know what a big joker he was, that is pretty much my only memory of him. I didn't find out until I was in my twenties that it was actually a train accident that caused him to lose his fore-arm. He was the only great grandparent that I ever met.

Do you have any warm or funny memories to share about yours? We'd like to hear them.


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