Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday 101 - Rubber Stamping - The Basics

I am too busy to blog today...

Playing with my grandson is more important when I only get to see him once or if I am very lucky twice a year!

I am going to let Stampin' Up! teach you about heat embossing today. Videos are a great way to learn new things.

Some notes on this video:
1) personally, I like to store my embossing powders in shallow Rubbermaid or similar containers that are about 4" x 6". Keep a spoon in the container and then hold the stamped piece to be embossed over the container and spoon the embossing powder over the stamped image and let it slide right back into the storage container. I don't bend the project like she did to get the embossing powder back into the tiny little container. I also tap the edge or the back of the paper while I am holding it over the container so that any excess embossing powder will fall back into the container instead of being blown across the project the first time the blast of air from the heat tool hits it.

2) If you use a larger container like I suggest, the embossing powder won't spill all over your work surface where it can mess up the project you are working on, or get stuck to your work surface as you are heating the project.

3) Use tweezers to hold the project (to keep your fingers out of the heat) while you use the heat tool to melt the powder. Don't set your project down on your working surface, the work surface under your project acts like a heat sink and pulls heat away from the paper which means that you will have to apply heat longer to get the embossing powder to melt. Sometimes that can cause the paper to get singed. Brown spots around your embossed image are not what you had planned! (or maybe you did want that effect!)

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Now for the video:

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